Incredible children. 

I was so proud again of the children today. They persevered so hard to create their Pom Pom chicks, sheep and bunnies. They were all so patient and lots of them helped each other. It was lovely hearing them encourage each other around Growth Mindset if they got in a tangle. Super stars! 


This week we looked at measuring length, mass and volume. 

We calculated the mass of different fruit we made from playdough. The melon had to be the heaviest and the grape the lightest. 

We estimated lots of different lengths of paper. 

We also measured out different volumes of liquid before ordering them from the least to most in volume. It was exciting to hear children discuss why they used each container and realising that their cylinder would not be big enough to hold 1 litre. 

Which materials are waterproof? 

This afternoon we tested to see which materials were waterproof and which were not. We learnt all about Charles Macintosh. 

Thank you so much to our two science technicians who helped set up the experiment and carry it out. 

When we used blue paper towel the water went straight through. When we drew over the paper towel in wax crayon the water floated on the top! Why was this?