Teaching the class. 

Some of the children recently attended a maths course. They then taught the rest of the class what they had learnt. I was so impressed to hear them using so much maths vocabulary such as ‘ fold it over so both parts are equal’ , ‘you can see a right angled triangle’. 

Well done. 



Ordering numbers. 

In Maths we looked at ordering numbers. We used our reasoning to say that 56 is bigger than 55 because they both have the same number of tens but 56 has 6 ones whereas 65 has 5 ones. 

We then looked at three digit numbers. 234 is smaller than 334 because 234 has 2 hundreds but 334 has 3 hundreds. 

We then went onto decimals. We used our reasoning to decide that 6.4 had to be bigger than 6.3 because they both have 6 ones but 6.4 has 4 tenths and 6.3 has three tenths. We discussed which was bigger- 1.3 or 1.30 and the children gave their own reasons for their choice before deciding they were exactly the same. 

Very interesting lesson. 


Amazing learning. 

I  am so proud of Year 4 today. We have worked hard on fractions and reasoning. We used our skills together to see how we could represent 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. We thought about decimals, percentages, presenting it with drawings/diagrams and equivalent fractions. Some of them thought about cutting paper and representing the fractions on different shapes. Very proud teachers. Well done. Lovely to also see great team work. 

We even challenged each other’s posters to see if they could explain their reasons behind their drawings. 


What a fantastic day. 

Today I took some Year 4 children to another school to work through challenges. They worked really hard and had to use lots of reasoning skills. 

We looked at making the biggest tower and what would make it the best. 

We looked at making boats out of paper and discussing angles, shapes and parallel sides. 

They solved some very tricky problems. 

Very proud of all of them.