Our treat. 

Last term we earned our marble treat and were able to enjoy it today. We got to enjoy toasted marshmallows while also creating pictures with leaves and leaf and bark rubbing. Thank you to all our helpers and our chief marshmallow man Mr B! 

A well deserved treat. Well done Year 4. 


Home learning. 

During the holidays the children were asked to present one of the topics we have learnt about or look at a new topic we are going to learn. 

They were amazing and used lots of different ways of presenting their work. Some work was produced on the computer using various programmes. Others created posters or booklets. 

Here are a few below. Impressive work! It was lovely to have them share it with the class. 



An amazing start to the term. 

The children have worked very hard this week. In Science we set up an experiment to investigate evaporation and have already noticed a change in a couple of days. 


In Literacy we wrote exciting stories and worked hard on our punctuation. 

We worked really hard in Maths on + and – and solved problems with tricky vocabulary. 




We discussed what words meant the same as addition and what meant the same as subtraction.  I was impressed to hear one say that ‘join must be add as you are putting things together’. 

They all then worked really hard in circuits during PE. 

A great start to the Summer Term.