Atlas work. 

Today we looked at tectonic plates and where they are. We labelled the tectonic plates on our map and found out lots of information on Nepal. We looked at where Nepal is and which countries border it. We discussed why Nepal is affected by earthquakes and how sad and devastating the recent earthquakes have been. 



Today we created graphs using Microsoft Excel. We input data relating to weather – temperature, wind speed and chance of rain. We created graphs with lines and bars and secondary axis. We then presented this information using Microsoft Powerpint like a weather forecast. The children worked so hard and added in lots of animations. Very impressed with you. 


Environmental Day. 

Wow!  What a brilliant day. We learnt all about deforestation and the importance of looking after our environment. We completed lots of different activities such as shape poems and paintings. We also created a very big tree from recycled materials. 

Thank you for organising this day Mrs Hill.