Editing our work

Yesterday 5x did some excellent editing to a piece of text. We started with text which had missing punctuation and was lacking exciting vocabulary. The children worked together to come up with very exciting ideas! Well done 5X!

This is what the children had to start with.
It was a cold Wednesday afternoon. I was walking through the shopping centre. That’s when I saw it. it was The most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. the light bounced off it into a thousand rainbows. i didnt understand how the other people could just pass it by. I knew then, in that moment, I had to take it.






See you all tomorrow!!!

I hope you all had a good Easter Break. I am sorry that I never updated after our Rocket Launch. We had a lot of fun launching our Rockets and are very grateful to Mr Billing for all his help and for getting soaked for us!!!. Dont forget you can watch the videos on this link http://vimeo.com/62426882

I am looking forward to an exciting term ahead.