An amazing week. 

I am so proud of all your hard work this week. Miss Davis and I really enjoyed marking your stories which contained lots of different adventures. 

We also learnt about how to use electricity safely and how dangerous it can be. On Monday we will be making our circuits. 

Today we had a visit from the police to discuss ‘bullying’ and ‘stranger danger’. The children asked lots of sensible questions. 

We were lucky to have a boxing lesson this week and are looking forward to another one next week. 

Great work Year 4. 


It was great to hear the children using their reasoning skills in Maths today. We were working on measuring accurately and designing a house.
We needed to include a roof with a maximum height of 3cm. The first one we drew let all the snow in. The next one covered a bit more but the rain and snow got in. On our third attempt we drew diagonal lines of 3cm which meant that our roof was only 2cm high. After lots of careful thinking we decided we had to find the middle of the top line then draw a line 3cm up and complete the triangles. Well done. Great Maths language being used.



Forest School.

Today we started Forest School outside before moving inside as it was very cold! We looked at different animals we would find in Canada and estimated the width and height before measuring it accurately. We then converted between m,cm and mm. We then looked at measuring each other and items around the room.








We also looked at capacity and measuring liquids. We found it tricky reading the scale but worked very hard.


Great learning.