A brilliant day. 

Today we worked hard to investigate electricity safely. 

We were very lucky to have a visit from an electrician who told us all about his job and how careful we have to be with electricity. 

We then started building a circuit to make a bulb light up. 

We discussed that if we added extra bulbs they would be less bright as the battery had to power both. 

We also found out that if we add more batteries then the bulb would be brighter. 

We then added a switch to our circuit and found out that when it was open the light bulb did not light up as the circuit was not complete. 

When the switch was closed the light bulb lit up as the circuit was complete. 

We then had a look at what materials conducted electricity. 

I was so impressed with how hard they all worked and scientifically they thought. They all worked very carefully and recognised the dangers of electricity. Well done. 

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